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Sorry mate, we're not buds.*

Lauren Riley.
This is going on my 3rd tumblr, my obsessions are becoming too big for my mind. It's just exploding out of me!!
I'm kind of an Original groupie.
#Delena. #Klaroline. #Delaric. #Steroline. ;;
I ship everyone together.

Oh, and I'm still holding out hope for my love Kol to come back.<3

My other addictions.*

Come fall down the rabbit hole..

Beacon Hills, home of the Wolves.

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i miss kol bitcheeeess.


AU: Persephone and Hades

When Zeus commanded Hades to send Persephone back up, Hades gave her a pomegranate seed to eat, as assurance that she would not remain long with her mother. With no foreknowledge of the outcome of her act, she consumed it. Askalaphos, the son of Akheron and Gorgyra, bore witness against her, in punishment for which Demeter pinned him down with a heavy rock in Hades’ realm. But Persephone was obliged to spend a part of each year with Hades, and the remainder of the year among the gods.

I love my sister, but she lacks fortune when it comes to men.”

He was the one who enjoy humans blood the most, now he craves something else.

@iansomerhalder: Listening to music in Atl with my brother @paulwesley cracking jokes - the singer is playing SNL. Next week. Why cant we host SNL. No brooding.
@paulwesley: he’s not kiddin

See, Elena thinks that I’m a monster. And you know what… she’s right.

I was you before you even existed. 

Day 6/7: Elena + Identity